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Words are important.

They have the ability to penetrate the heart and mind.

They can lead to transformation and growth.

They carry life and love and are so very precious.

This is why I write.

To offer a bit of encouragement and hope.

And to remind you that there is One who loves you so very much.

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Creating has always been a passion of mine and I've realized that I enjoy digging into all types of artistic mediums (I get bored if I'm limited to one thing!).  So I've decided to embrace that part of me by creating whatever is on my mind in that moment.  And...  since I can't keep it all, I started this online shop!  Hopefully, you'll enjoy these creations as much as I do.  Products will change periodically so keep checking back for the latest creations!

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About Me


I'm a bookworm with a love of numbers who works a full time accounting job and dabbles with creating on the side.  I really, really (really) enjoy organizing things and having "everything in its place".  I will always try my best in whatever I do and usually tie a piece of my heart into my work.  I'm a helper and a do-er and don't like standing around while someone else is working.  I'm not a huge risk-taker, though I'm trying to work through that.  My kids are my treasures and my husband is my best friend.  And I'm loved and accepted by the Creator of all things.


~ Maria Schwartz

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