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Reflections of a She

A blog spot where I share my thoughts on life, God, and the intersection of both.

Mirror Mirror

After a couple of years of keeping a long hair style (honestly, style had left it a while ago), it was time for a change. A much needed makeover was in order so I visited my friend for a fresh new haircut – a do that would prep me for the (elusive) spring weather.

My shorter locks are a welcome change in that I now have minimal maintenance in the morning – about 15 minutes – and I’m set for the rest of the day! As part of my morning routine, I spend about 3 minutes (yes, I timed it…) drying my hair and about 12 minutes straightening the unruly waves that bend in unwanted directions.

This morning, as I was finishing up the task of curl submission, my husband saw me taking out a little burgundy mirror no more than 6 inches tall, excluding the handle. As I stood with my back to the large bathroom mirror, I placed the miniature version like a vehicle’s side view so I could take a look at the back of my head. I needed to make sure my blind spot was taken care of!

“That’s a tiny mirror,” he said as he let out a little laugh.

“That’s ok – I just need to reflect a much bigger one,” I replied.

As those words passed through my lips, I paused for a moment as the words made their way to my own ears. Those words meant much more than what I needed to do in that moment. They gave me reassurance that I’m enough as I am. That I don’t need to have it all together. I don’t have to have all the answers or be perfect in everything I do (since I can’t be anyway…).

What I need to do is to simply be able to reflect the One who is greater than I on every level.

Without having the larger mirror to reflect, the small, hand-held mirror couldn’t give me the whole story. The little mirror could only help me see so far. But once I held it up to be a reflector, its ability was magnified – it’s purpose fulfilled. I could now utilize it to give me a 360 view - I saw what I needed to see and more.

Our lives on this earth may seem meaningless at times. Life is hard on so many levels. Often we question why… Why me? Why now? Why not? Our vision only goes so far. But if we position ourselves to point to the One who gives life, we can reflect the love that God so generously pours out for us and others. Only He can fill us with the peace that passes all understanding (Phil 4:7), but we must point to Him to receive it. And as we are filled with that love, peace, joy, we will have plenty to share with those around us. Our purpose is made great only when we reflect the greatness of the One who gave us breath. In Him, our life has meaning. In Him, we are more than enough just as we are.

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